When purchasing a property for investment, some characteristics should be taken into consideration. Factors such as location, security and good accessibility to other areas of the region are among the benefits that can directly contribute to the valuation of real estate, making them attractive to investors.

Hence, it is essential to evaluate investment sites. Among the points to consider are the potential for growth in the region, proximity to large centers, but distant from movement and traffic, and of course the security and quality of life that the location can offer.

Below we list the 5 main factors that can influence the valuation of real estate:

1. Location
There is no doubt that the location of the property is among the most cited in the property valuation market. After all, the daily routine in large centers required people to live close to the places they frequent in order to avoid traffic.

The place where the property is built can significantly increase its value, depending on the facilities and the view that it provides to the residents. Properties with a view to vast green areas, parks or a dazzling sunrise horizon, of course will have a distinct value.

2. Education and leisure
Proximity to good schools has become a top priority. Anyone who already has a child, or is thinking about having, knows the importance of proximity to schools, hospitals and even parks and beaches. Regions that have these items are most in demand and, as a result, so do real estate.

Real estate near public parks, squares and jogging paths or cycle paths are also worth more and receive special attention not only from those who have children, but those who seek a healthier routine.

3. Security
It can not be denied that one of the great problems of the great centers is still violence. Therefore, investing in a property in a place with security structure is sure to be the most requested, mainly by families.

4. Areas of Leisure and Infrastructure
Increasingly, potential residents value complete leisure areas because the trend is to also have fun at home. Complete structure that allows the combination of leisure with professional life, including gym, swimming pool, party room and even spaces for coworking give an upgrade in the valorization.

Another factor that also helps to attract attention is the conditions of the main streets of the neighborhood. Paving, wider roads, rainwater systems, telephony systems and power cabling are essential.

5. Neighborhood
You need to take into account the neighborhood of the place. Therefore, go to the site and assess the presence of good quality buildings and even development poles, such as the REAL PARQUE, located north of Florianópolis and near the Sapiens Parque technological center, a national reference in the development of information technology.

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