Allotments favor sustainable growth

Offering allotments can provide a number of benefits not only for a neighborhood, but also for an entire city. This is because the site is planned to provide infrastructure and generate a sustainable environment with quality of life for the residents, as well as preserving the environment and reducing the environmental impacts generated.

Sustainable Project
Before beginning the commercialization of the land, the lots are prepared to receive the new residents. Through a careful project that respects human diversity and nature, subsidies are created to provide treated water, have an electric power grid, rainwater drainage network, sewage network, public lighting, asphalt, guides, gutters and afforestation of roads.

But improvements often go beyond the residents of the planned neighborhood. As a result of the infrastructure, everyone living in the vicinity is positively affected in some way. Urbanization results in greater security for the local community, in addition to attracting the attention of investments in the economy with the arrival of this public.

Another advantage of allotments is the constant concern with the preservation of green areas. The projects usually integrate the nature to the spaces of leisure and coexistence of the inhabitants, offering more contact with the nature and consequent quality of life. After all, who does not want a safe place to enjoy family and practice physical activity?

New Urbanism
However, what makes the neighborhood planned a sustainable space and with countless benefits, is the project based on urbanism. There are allotments that follow the concept of New Urbanism, a proposal that emerged in the 1980s in the United States.

In short, the idea is to plan the enterprise taking into account the geography, the existing technologies and the particular and social needs of those who will inhabit the space. That is, the goal is to add a complete and built structure to work, leisure and housing.

Ideally, people’s day-to-day activities should develop within a radius of 10 km away from one’s home, avoiding excessive displacement, increasing investments in infrastructure and, of course, resulting in a better quality of life.

Real Urbanismo started from this concept to create Real Parque, a planned neighborhood where modernity and green area integrate to guarantee more quality of life to the residents. With a complete structure, the planned district also has a landscaped project, urbanized public areas and a natural security barrier formed by 22,000 m2 of permanent preservation green area around the neighborhood, located near the famous beaches of Ingleses and Jurerê Internacional, with the convenience of living close to schools, supermarkets, clinics and hospitals, malls and ample trade and the Center.

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