Buying land – whether for investment or living – must be a thoughtful business, and that choice is the first step in building the home of your dreams. To avoid mistakes when purchasing land, you must:

– researching the suitability of the company and / or the seller, currently, with the internet, this search can be initiated in search sites;

– know the place making visits, walking around the land and the neighborhood;

– hire a company or specialized professional to evaluate the possibilities of the land;

– check the documentation in the responsible bodies.

At Real Parque, you find the land that fits your needs, with all licenses and viability, and delivery scheduled for March 2018.



Building a home is much cheaper than buying a property ready and, as an investment, it can yield up to 50% more.

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Licenses and permits

No work can be started without the licenses and permits issued by the city hall and other responsible bodies. The procedures for applying for a building permit are similar in all municipalities in Brazil. In Florianópolis, it is necessary to attend the Pro-Citizen, therefore RG and CPF.

The required documents are:

– Real estate registration (required at the Municipal Finance Department);

– Annotation of Technical Responsibility (ART) issued by a professional or legally qualified company registered in CREA-SC;

– Original or copy in pdf format of the approved project (in media such as CD, DVD or pendrive);

– Land document (deed, or declaration, or certificate of occupation, or registration of real estate registration, or purchase and sale agreement for approved installments);

– Copy of IPTU (name of applicant);

– A copy of the architectural project – to be delivered to the Municipal Department of Environment and Urban Development (SMDU) within 30 days after the application of the license;

– Payment of the Operating License Fee (TLO).



Construction costs

Before you start building a home, you must have a sense of costs, calculate all construction materials costs for all steps – from foundation to finish – with professionals and with unforeseen circumstances.



Set the budget

By having an idea of how much the building materials and labor cost, it is possible to know the approximate value of the work. From there, suit those costs to the amount you are willing to spend on the house.

Plan all expenses, follow the contingencies and avoid extrapolating the budget.



Consider the needs of the residents

If you are going to build the house for your family, consider the needs of those who live in it, especially if you have children and / or the elderly, which require spaces adapted and specially designed for them. Do not forget the structures that guarantee safety and the leisure infrastructure. For this, consider living in a planned, safe and complete neighborhood, with leisure options for the whole family..

Also assess the medium- and long-term needs to avoid unnecessary reforms.



Approve the project

Set the budget and needs, it’s time to design the house. Both the engineering and the architectural design must meet all the needs of the residents and please aesthetically. Do not hesitate to ask for as many changes as you need, after all, you will spend many years in this house and it needs to be perfect for you and your family.



Hire qualified professionals

As with the choice of building materials, one should not economize on services. Choose a team of qualified professionals for each stage of the project. Get to know jobs done before hiring the professionals or the company, and opt for the contractual payment.



Consider the use of alternative materials and environmentally friendly structures

Sustainability is a concept that must be present in our daily attitudes. The construction industry is one of the most impacting on the environment, so any effort to reduce such disruption is important.

Get to know the advantages of sustainable materials and structures, such as soil-cement brick, ecological insulation, green roof, cistern for rainwater harvesting and reuse and photovoltaic panels that, in addition to using natural resources more efficiently and reducing environmental impact , still guarantee savings in the medium and long term.


Your planned neighborhood in the New North of Florianopolis is almost ready!


Want to build in the right place?

Get to know REAL PARQUE

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