Trends for the real estate market in 2018

The real estate sector is one of the main axes of the economy and occupies a strategic position in the provision of jobs in the country. For 2018, trends for the real estate market point out that it should receive new investments. This is because Brazil is fighting the economy crisis.

This expectation is due to the economic measures taken since the beginning of 2017. The results observed in the second half of this year include the lower interest rates and inflation control; growth of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP); reduction of the unemployment rate and new rules for the financing of real estate.

The latter settles as a crucial factor for real estate market trends in 2018. The new rules announced by Caixa Econômica Federal, which since the beginning of 2017 has doubled the real estate financing ceiling from R $ 1.5 million to R $ 3 million, “Minha Casa Minha Vida” program, around R $ 1.5 million, opening the market not only for the A class, but also for B and C classes enabling them to to finance real estate.

Another crucial point for the resumption of the country’s economy is the elections that will take place in 2018. Brazil, as a political choice, needs to consider financial strategies, which indicates that many sectors of the economy can renew their bets on new trends in the sector .

Land lot is among the trends

The scenario of evolution of the real estate market will favor several investments, be they residential units, commercial units or allotments. The latter stands out for its versatility and appreciation, even in times of crisis. When acquiring them you are faced with a series of possible projects and with that, you can just keep it to resell it or add value when building a property.

Allotments, besides promoting good partnerships between entrepreneurs and companies in the field, also define the potential of the site and how it can serve its inhabitants and move the economy of the region.

Caution is never too much

Although the real estate market trends in 2018 are positive, caution is needed when investing in this segment. Keeping your feet on the ground is critical, as the real estate industry usually stabilizes only after the economy has consolidated as a whole.

Of course, that does not mean stagnating and stopping investing in the industry. On the contrary, moving the real estate market is key to strengthening the economy and helping it grow.

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