Why invest in Florianópolis?

With more than 450 thousand inhabitants, the city of Florianópolis is not only known for the beaches and natural beauty. In recent years, the Magic Island aggregated factors that have made it one of the top destinations for investors in the country.

The main factor for this trend is the incredible potential for sectors such as tourism, gastronomy, events, construction, real estate. No wonder this city is among the top 10 cities to invest, according to Exame magazine.

In addition to the the factors already mentioned, the charm inherent in Florianópolis is undeniable. Whether you are a resident or a tourist, anyone who has passed through here has never forgotten the beautiful nature, the receptivity of the people and the quality of life. However, there are still new reasons this Magical Island the center of attention for investors.

Accelerated Economy
As in other capitals of Brazil, such as São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, Florianópolis presents an accelerated economy. It has one of the highest GDP in Brazil.

The technology is also featured here. The strong development of this area made the city the main technological pole of the country and destiny for many professionals of the sector. In fact, this audience is not only looking for professional growth, but also quality of life, safety and comfort.

Another factor that calls attention are the investments of the federal government in the infrastructure of the capital of Santa Catarina. Improvements in public works result in advances in traffic safety and urban mobility.

An example was the expansion of Highway SC-403, with the Elevado de Canasvieiras, recently delivered. The modern Sapiens Park, which earned the capital the nickname of Silicon Island, is another work of the government that offers a structure of leisure, education and services and resulting in a greater supply of jobs and income in the region.

Although it directly contributes to the potential of the technology sector of Florianópolis, tourism is still the main responsible for the expansion of the city. After all, crossing the access bridge to the Island, the tourist is enchanted by the landscape and soon wants to make an address here.

And he’s right. With beaches for any profile, from the calmest waves to the most agitated, calm sea, of crystalline waters, natural beauties who would not fall in love at first sight?

HDI and Quality of Life
With an index of 0.84 and considered “very high, the HDI – Human Development Index of Florianópolis is one of the highest in Brazil. The different leisure options, opportunities for study and the proposal of a lifestyle close to nature make the city one of the most sought after to live in all ages. In addition to quality of life, of course, the population also has a high purchasing power with an average of 4.8 minimum wages per month.

Real Estate Investment
All these factors form the perfect scenario that makes Florianópolis one of the best cities in Santa Catarina for investment, including real estate. The real estate market remains strong and even in the recession period, kept the rise in price in real estate. According to the FipeZap Index, the city closed 2017 with + 4.34% in the price in the sale price of residential properties.

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