The heat of the real estate market allied to the forecast of increase of the Brazilian GDP and fall of the Selic rate is attracting the attention of investors to the sector. One of the modalities that entered the radar of the new buyers are the subdivisions and land in planned neighborhoods with complete infrastructure. In closed or open format, the segment has become guaranteed bet of ROI for this public.

One of the reasons that contribute to this interest is the shortage of land for verticalization in large centers, which has increased the square meter cost of the built areas. On the other hand, the investment in subdivisions stands out for the advantages like the constant valuation – even in times of crisis -, low cost, security and profitability of the business. Making the application in this area, even, may be more interesting than opting for real estate ready.

Among the main advantages when joining this type of niche are:

Business Valuation and Security
Valuation and security of the business are the two issues always sought by investors. It is common in the financial market to lose profitability when choosing security. However, for those who invest in subdivision, this negative reaction usually does not happen. This is because, the devaluation of allotments is usually extremely rare.

The land is valued according to the growth of the surroundings with trade, shopping malls and access to public transport. With the development of cities and the search for security and quality of life, allotments have become a trend and the demand for planned neighborhoods is always on the rise, which is not always the case with ready-made real estate.

The security of the business is guaranteed by the landowner’s documentation. The result is greater protection of the rights of those who hold a durable good. For example, if compared to savings, the lot can not undergo government or bank action.

Investment Facility
Allotment financing options are usually more affordable and less bureaucratic because of the lower value. This ease of the business makes many buyers, when investing, opt for land than apartments and houses.

Not to mention that, this modality also has special conditions and incentives for the purchase, such as lower interest rates and financing of the total value.
It is possible to experience a simpler process with more incentives when deciding on this type of business.

Increased liquidity
Another item that attracts investors is the market thermometer. The demand for allotments remained even during the crisis. After all, unlike real estate ready, acquiring land is cheaper. In this way, the oscillations of the real estate market tend to increase the demand for land, at any time of the year, what translates to the greater liquidity this modality of investment.

When investing in a ready property, there is a certain difficulty in negotiating this property, according to economic and political indications. Allocation is an application that has greater liquidity, since it is easier to sell it. This feature is due to the lower value compared to that of a construction and partly also due to the high demand for urban spaces.

How to invest in subdivision
When it comes to investing in lots and lots of land, you have to pay attention to some care. The first step is to consult a responsible company that is of quality and trust, because only then you will be assured that it is a good business.

Location and facilities of access to the enterprise, infrastructure of the surroundings, facilities in the payment, solidity and reliability of the entrepreneurs are other items that must be evaluated.

The last step is to check the documentation, check the existence of basic sanitation and research with the City and search the Registry of Real Estate to check the situation of the lot and to ensure that the investment is possible.

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