Works at Real Parque continue at a fast pace

Quality of life, safety and practicality and safety are among the decisive factors for those who wish to acquire a property. In addition, being in a region close to nature, with easy access to the main regions of the city and of course, being close to basic services such as banks, schools and supermarkets are essential when deciding where to live.

Through this context, Real Urbanism brought to the north of Florianópolis, the neighborhood planned Real Park, with an area of ​​300 thousand m². Based on the concept of New Urbanism, the proposal is innovative in the capital of Santa Catarina by associating residential and commercial developments in one place.

World Trend

The design of a planned neighborhood is already a trend in several countries and was developed in cities that are reference in civil construction and architecture like Washington (USA), Canberra (Australia) and Amsterdam (Holland). This is because they have become objects of desire for being able to provide elegance, comfort and privacy in the right measure.

In the case of Real Parque, the emphasis is on the concept of urbanization associated with comfort and quality of life. The site favors a more adequate planning in the development of enterprises, promoting a harmony between the constructions, which avoids possible conflicts. The urban project was also designed to inspire the well-being and integration of the residents of the neighborhood, as well as greater comfort, convenience and security.

Fast-paced works

In this way, future residents of Real Parque can count on a region specially planned and developed to meet the expectations of those who want quality of life, tranquility and practicality for the new home. Here, concepts such as sustainability are privileged in the project, which counts on ample forested areas besides having systems for saving water, energy and recycling.

Currently, the works at Real Parque are in an advanced stage. In the last phase of the construction of the drainage system, the site has already undergone a process of cleaning, leveling and the construction of rain gutters.

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