In each of its works, from the choice of location to the delivery of the project, Real Urbanismo focuses on the quality of life of its customers and the community nearby. To this end, it works to best exploit the infrastructure of the neighborhood or the region, the terrain and all the necessary resources in a work, optimizing the uses and reducing impacts.

The concern of Real Urbanism with quality of life goes beyond the customer, the company worries with the family and the community, bringing a more global concept.



Quality of life is a concept that considers the basic and supplementary conditions in which people, families or social groups live. The parameters used are determined by the World Health Organization (WHO), which, through a questionnaire and scientific methodology, is able to “score points” that cover physical and mental health, family, friends, health and education, for example. The WHO questionnaire consists of questions on six areas: physical, psychological, level of independence, social relations, environment and religious aspects. In addition to the concept and considerations of the WHO, another way of measuring the quality of life of a population is the high Human Development Index (HDI). Florianópolis is the third Brazilian city in HDI and the first among the capitals.

quality of life

Real Urbanism considers these criteria for the structuring of the quality of life, thus, its ventures are constructed based on the concepts of New Urbanism, which adds elements necessary for the development of people within a radius of 10 km of their dwelling, avoiding loss of time with displacements and maximizing investments in infrastructure, commercial areas, leisure and mobility. In order to develop its projects more effectively, Real Urbanismo evaluates in depth all the characteristics of use of the chosen locality for each project and, in each work, maintains:


Functional projects: With less use of natural resources, better use of land and building materials and less waste generation;


Technical quality: The company always counts on professionals with know how and high knowledge in constructive techniques;


Continuous advice: After the sale of the land, a specialized team remains available to advise clients on the best way to take advantage of the land.


Respect for the client’s investment: Real Urbanism values ​​both personal and financial fulfillment;


Commitment to nature and sustainability: One of Real’s concerns is to avoid over-handling of plants in order to cause the least possible impact on the natural areas close to the projects.

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